Cà Dei Maghi Canova Rosso 2021

Red Wine | 2021 | Italy | Valpolicella

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Why Marco Loves It

‘The young face of the Valpolicella’. 

Valpolicella wine embodies the culture of drinking in Verona, that famous glass of red in the city’s casual eateries. And this one is special. Priced as an everyday wine but so much more, I think of it more as an everything wine, wonderful for drinking by itself or paired with a vast array of foods. Try it as an alternative to your favourite pinot noirs or gamays.

The family Fasoli Fedrigo has been making wine since 1800, when they started their wine business in Negrar, Italy. In the Fifties, granny Luigina and grandpa Fernando began to produce wine in “Cà Dei Maghi,” a small farm in the hills of Valpolicella. Today, the winery has been taken over by Luigina and Fernando’s nephew, Paolo Creazzi, who is carrying on the tradition. 

Cà Dei Maghi, means “The Magical House” and Paolo has incorporated magic into the fabric of the winery itself, decorating the property with fantastical and whimsical art and touches throughout, evoking a sense of mystery and mischievousness. It all leads to a wine that welcomes you with a warmth and comfort like sitting down for dinner at the family table.

Cà Dei Maghi Canova Rosso  2021
Cà De Maghi Winery
  • Cà Dei Maghi Canova Rosso  2021
  • Cà De Maghi Winery
Cà Dei Maghi Canova Rosso  2021
Cà De Maghi Winery
Corvina Corvinone Rondinella Molinara Croatina

Tasting & Pairing

Tasting notes:

Primarily a blend of 2 indigenous grapes, Corvina and Croatina, this wine is light-to medium-bodied with moderate alcohol. The tannins are elegant and not overpowering, with bright acidity offering an instant and cheerful drinkability. No oak is used, allowing the freshness of the fruit to shine. Look for classic summer berries nuanced by attractive herbal, pepper and floral notes. Don’t be afraid to chill it during the summertime (around 14°C) for something especially refreshing! Pair it with poultry, charcuterie, or acidic pastas, or be a little bold and match it with a rich, fatty fish.

Cured Meat

Pairing Recipe:

Momenti's Favourite Pairing: Pasta All'Amatriciana

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